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Journal Social Pedagogy is published by Združenje za socialno pedagogiko. All rights reserved.

Co-funded by: Slovenian Research Agency

ISSN 1408-2942

Submission and guide for authors

Social Pedagogy publishes original scientific (theoretical-comparative; research and empirical) and professional articles, translations of published articles written in foreign languages, demonstrations, reports and reviews in the field of socio-pedagogical research, development and practice. When preparing scientific and professional articles for the magazine authors must adhere strictly to the following instructions:

Article form
Quotations and references
Submission and publication of articles

The publication of an article is a process involving contributions by people with various professional backgrounds. Adherence to the instructions will facilitate our work and expedite the publication of your article.

Submit your articles to: matej.sande(at)guest.arnes. si

Under 'Subject' indicate: Publication of article in magazine


The editorial board of the magazine Social Pedagogy complies with the recommendations made by the Committee on Publication Ethics COPE.

All articles are reviewed by two or, occasionally, three reviewers. Authors must take account of the text recycling guidelines available on the COPE website. The magazine publishes only copyrighted articles, whereby authors are required to state that they have indeed written their papers and that all sources contained therein are appropriately indicated (by signing an authorship statement). Authors should use original sources and should refrain from using indirect quotations.